Deputies: Substitute teacher attacked second-grades
By Barbara Hijek, January 15, 2011

William Amory, 55, a second-grade substitute teacher at Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, became so frustrated with the classroom's ActivBoard that he reportedly punched two students and pushed a third, leading to his arrest Thursday on child abuse charges, reports the Sarasota Herald Tribune.

According to Amory's arrest report, the students tried to help him, but instead of gracefully accepting their offer, Amory threw the device's remote control, yelled and cursed at the students, then punched two students ages 7 and 8 and pushed a third.

One of the students reported that Amory punched him twice in the stomach, causing him to vomit . Another victim said Amory's punch caused him to go to a hospital emergency room for a chest bruise injury, according to the Herald Tribune.

As soon as the school district learned of the complaints, Amory was suspended from teaching, reports the Herald Tribune.

He has been charged with three counts of child abuse.

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