Paddle Thrives in Dallas
Email from Jordan Riak to NoSpankList
August 16, 2003

This article appeared in the August 15 issue of the Dallas Morning News: "Corporal Punishment Gets New Twist - Policy Adjustment Gives Parents More Power." A more accurate subtitle would have read: "Policy Adjustment Frees Trustees of the Burden of Responsible Leadership." The paper is surveying readers as to their approval or disapproval of paddling. So far, the survey has attracted only about 400 voters, roughly 2 to 1 in favor pupil beating. If every reader of this notice clicks on the link below and answers "no" to the survey, the effect will be a nudge in the right direction. They know the facts about hitting - the serious risks, the utter wrong-headedness of it, and the total absence of benefit - but they are terrified at dishonoring the cherished tradition. Let them know that the paddle, which had it origins in slavery, is worthy of that institution and has no place a free, modern, civilized society. Click on and cast your NO vote. Please do it now. It'll only take you a few seconds. Thanks.


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