Corporal punishment is barbaric, appalling Corporal punishment is barbaric, appalling
Jane Rollins' letter to the editor
The Enquirer-Journal, January 25, 2005

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article "Parents lobby school board on corporal punishment", of January 5, 2005. I am a parent of a successful Union County student. I am the Principal of a Cabarrus County High School. The article reported 85 incidents occurred against disabled children in 2000. I find this appalling. The idea of a disabled child falling victim to an aggressive administrator is saddening with or without parent permission. I ask for the board to please halt and desist this barbaric behavior against children. Corporal punishment is not allowed in Cabarrus or Mecklenburg counties and for good reason. Many alternatives are available for administrators to use rather than corporal punishment. I hope my child is never the victim of such abuse.

Jane Rollins

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