Letter to Northwest Indiana Times re: accused coach Letter to Northwest Indiana Times re: accused coach
By The Rev. Thomas E. Sagendorf
January 22, 2005

Dear Editor:

Cheers to the Lake County Prosecutor for pressing charges against Gary coach Thayer Williamson for the vicious beating of players on his basketball team with a board. The Prosecutor should seek maximum charges against Williamson and the longest possible prison term.

This kind of action disgraces the entire coaching profession. Having been on the coaching staff of a college football team, I'm well aware of the crucial role coaches play in athletes' lives. To become an agent of terror and brutality is as far away from good coaching as one can get.

Likewise, the whole dirty practice of corporal punishment, in school or anywhere else, is reserved for the most cowardly, violent, incompetent, and emotionally disturbed adults in our society. The only reason for an adult to hit children is for the sheer joy of hurting and humiliating another human being. Such sick behavior, were it aimed at adults, would be chargable as assult.

Williamson apparently fancies himself as a tough guy. He isn't! But a few years in prison, where real tough guys live, will give Williamson ample opportunity to prove his mettel. The sooner the better.

Respectfully submitted,

The Rev. Thomas E. Sagendorf
Hamilton, Indiana

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