Rev. Thomas E. Sagendorf reviews James Dobson's The New Dare to Discipline, February 24, 2005

Hitting kids has always been a favorite sport for the religious and political right. Intimidating and brutalizing children apparently makes these folks feel authoritative, powerful, important, self-righteous and firmly in control. James Dobson's new book is even more draconian than its predecessor. It's truly frightening! Yet it's important to note that Dobson and his followers do not reflect authentic Christian values. In Jesus' words, these are the false prophets. Dobson takes the thinking of a far-right, almost Fascist, political philosophy and cloaks it in Christian language. Anyone who takes seriously Jesus' Sermon on the Mount will immediately spot the fraudulence of Dobson's counsel. It's inconceivable that Jesus of Nazareth--compassionate as he was toward the weak and powerless--would ever sanction or participate in violence toward children. I give the book a negative five.

Rev. Thomas Sagendorf
Hamilton, Indiana

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