Why I am home schooling the rest of this year
By Sydney Banks (Age 12)
September 24, 2003

    Sydney Banks

One of the main things that has made me upset and miserable is that my classmates and I are yelled at and always have to stay in after school. I have been getting an extreme amount of homework lately. I take a while to finish it because I like to be sure I am getting the right answers. One time I stayed up until 2:00! I also don't like the rule about the zeros. I am under constant stress that I will forget a paper or something. Monday, after I learned how many hundreds it takes to bring up zeros, I freaked out, it would take me forever to bring one up! I've been having to do some of my homework during lunch, and when I do, I don't have time to eat no matter how fast I try to eat and work. I'm depressed because of all the trouble. It used to be a place where learning was fun.

I have loved my school and I just can't take it any more. Last year may not have been perfect, but at least we learned and enjoyed it.

If only we could go back to the way it was in the past and not have all of the threats of zeros but have a good atmosphere for ALL OF THE KIDS.

I brought a friend with me on enrollment night and they were really liking the school. However after she came with me and met the teachers, she said she would go to the other school because of the teachers being so unfriendly. They own two businesses and could have been a great help to have had in the school. It made me very sad to think I came so close to getting her in my school, but didn't.



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