Tony's letter to Greta Van Sustren
March 12, 2005

Van Sustren,

Greta, first of all, you need to know that I don't like you. In fact, I don't like anybody at FOX NEWS, but my reasons are political and have nothing to do with the purpose of this message. In an attempt to appeal to your apparent concern over this Florida child abuse situation, you need to be aware that I initiated charges in the Northern District of Mississippi against F. C_______(my adoptive father), and Mary C_______ (my biological mother) for MANY counts of sexual and physical abuse in the late 60's and throughout the 70's. My adoptive father sodomized my brother when he was 7, by forcing a hand towel into his rectum with a force so hard that he was lifting my brother's feet off of the floor. My brother and I both were subjected to many beatings during our childhood, with implements such as belts, baseboard (the strip of wood that carpenters use to join the floor to the wall in a house), firewood,switches, and even a baseball bat. When I was 13, I was beaten so severely by my adoptive father, that the flesh on my lower back, buttocks, and upper thighs turned, completely black. My brother, mother, and adoptive father are the only witnesses to those injuries, to this day, rest assured, Greta, that I am not revealing anything to you in this e-mail that has not already been articulated in much greater detail, and is contained in court transcripts at the courthouse in the Northern District of MS. The District Attorney, John Young (at 662-287-2486), brought my case to a grand jury in Aberdeen, MS (I was seeking acknowledgement and trying to warn the appropriate entities of possible similar cases in Hamilton, MS), but the grand jury refused to indict them. I pretty much predicted that they would let them get away with their actions, because just like your guest articulated on your show regarding the Dollars, my parents were very admired and respected in the community (similar to the Dollars). They have always been avid churchgoers, had good jobs (my mother holds a doctorate, and my adoptive father is a retired accounting exec from _______ Corp.), and are well liked at church, and in the community. They're also quite rich. The isolated incidents that I have articulated to you, Greta, were more about ritualism, and less about legitimate punishment, and represent only a few in a series of many such incidents that occurred throughout the entire time that my brother and I lived with them until we both joined the Navy. I suspect that the statute of limitations was a major factor as to why they weren't held accountable by the grand jury, but nevertheless, I spoke the truth. Hopefully, however, and at bare minimum, I was at least able to raise the awareness that child abuse is rampant, pervasive, and a form of sexual release and entertainment in the small town of Hamilton, MS. You see, Greta, that town is a rural, unincorporated, "ole-time religion", "Jesus lovin'", "Bible thumpin'" community, where there is limited oversight from government bureacracies and the police. When I lived there, the nearest police station was 7 miles away. It's one of those rural towns, where a redneck, tobacco chewin' constable who drives around in a "beat up old lemon" passes as the "town cop." Get the picture Greta ? Again Greta, let me reiterate that I don't care much for FOX, but you seem to be interested in an issue that has affected me and my brother personally, so I felt compelled to correspond, alright? Do with the information what you will, but if should decide to pursue the gathering of info, then don't hesitate to e-mail me. (You probably won't, so I won't hold my breath.)

Thanks for listening,


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