Molestation and beatings commonplace in Texas youth lockups; cover-up of abuses probed; reforms promised
March 2007

Texas Teen's Imprisonment Sparks Protests, Washington Post, 3/29/07 -- AUSTIN -- Civil rights activists are rallying around a 15-year-old black girl who has been in a high-security juvenile detention center for a year for shoving a hall monitor at her school and whose sentence was just extended for what authorities call possession of contraband: an extra pair of socks and a plastic foam cup. Read article.

Youth Prisons Scandal Could Lead To Many Inmates Released, 7 KLTV, 3/26/07 -- Thousands of juvenile inmates could be back out on the streets within a few months -- many who committed crimes in East Texas. That's the latest in a scandal within the Texas Youth Commission, where there have been allegations of improper conduct and sexual abuse at TYC facilities. Read article.

Head Of Youth Commission Ready For Changes; TYC Special Master Jay Kimbrough: Firstcast Interview, KXAN, 3/26/07 -- Texas Youth Commission Special Master Jay Kimbrough says too many children are locked up and then stuck behind bars, even when they are done with their sentences. Read article.
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Hundreds may be freed from TYC; Panel concentrating on inmates who had sentences extended, Dallas Morning News, 3/24/07 -- AUSTIN Hundreds of Texas Youth Commission inmates could be released once a special panel reviews their cases, the special master overseeing the investigation of sexual and physical abuse at the agency said Friday. Read article.

Texas youth prison board ousted amid sex abuse scandal. All six members step down after reports that officials covered up molestation allegations. Los Angeles Times, 3/17/07 -- HOUSTON The entire governing board of the Texas Youth Commission resigned Friday, the latest fallout from reports that officials covered up claims of sexual abuse in state detention centers. Read article.




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