United Methodist Church General Conference 2004 calls for nationwide ban against corporal punishment in schools and child care facilities

Source: http://www.umc.org/Calms/Petition.asp?mid=2886&Petition=1037

Petition Number 41037

Title: Corporal Punishment in Schools and Child Care Facilities (41037-CS-R9999)

Petition Text:

WHEREAS, schools and child care facilities are the only institutions in America in which striking another person for the purpose of causing physical pain is legal,

WHEREAS, corporal punishment is humiliating and degrading to children and sometimes causes physical injury,

WHEREAS, it is difficult to imagine Jesus of Nazareth condoning any action that is intended to hurt children physically or psychologically,

WHEREAS, corporal punishment sends a message that hitting smaller and weaker people is acceptable,

WHEREAS, corporal punishment is used most often on poor children, minorities, children with disabilities, and boys,

WHEREAS, there are effective alternatives to corporal punishment that teach children to be self-disciplined rather than to submit out of fear,

WHEREAS, schools and child care centers should inspire children to enjoy learning and school and child care personnel should be able to encourage positive behavior without hitting children,

Therefore be it resolved that The United Methodist Church calls upon all states to enact laws prohibiting corporal punishment in schools and day and residential child care facilities. 5/3/2004 12:27:54 PM

Vote on the Main Motion, 5/3/2004:     892 Votes For     7 Votes Against.

Petition 41037 was submitted by Rita Swan, Ph.D., Sioux City, IA. Read more about Dr. Swan's work at www.childrenshealthcare.org.

See related: Petition 41038, Corporal Punishment by Parents and Caretakers (41038-CS-R9999), also submitted by Dr. Swan.

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