A letter about one parent's use of the Bible
Darlene Walsh
March 2003

I believe that some of the Bible is literal, some of it is symbolic, and that it is an historical account of the lives of people that actually existed, including Jesus himself. If I believed that it was all fable or myth, then Jesus Christ really wasn't a literal, flesh,blood,spirit,soul, human. I believe that He was both fully man, and fully God.

I do see that a great number of Christians use scripture as a means to their own end, and that scripture can be twisted to mean something completely other than what it actually was meant to convey. Also, many have a hard time separating the old from the new. I think that alot of Christians believe that whatever they read in scripture is a mandate from God, like tithing, Solomon's child rearing advice etc., not realizing that sometimes accounts of people's lives are there as an example of what NOT to do. But unless something is explicitely spelled out, I think a lot of believers struggle with the inferred meaning. It's all about the letter of the law and not the Spirit. A lot is revealed when the skill of reading between the lines is learned. From my experience in the Christian sub-culture, (which is another long story, the "sub-culture" phenomenon), the majority of believers I know don't really understand the meaning of loving your God with all your being, and loving your neighbor as yourself. Which sums up the law and the prophets. I understand now, that much of the lack of ability to truly love God and neighbor, stems from the roots of abuse in childhood. Our "collective consciousness" if you will, is so in need of healing that we are unable to give and receive love without reservation. This I've always had a hint at in the back my mind, but it has all been made clear since finding Project Nospank.

Now, I see most things through the filter of how children are treated. I am now suspicious of a lot of ministries that call themselves Christian. As a family we sponsor a child through a ministry that I never questioned before, now I am planning to inquire about their policy regarding corporal punishment of the children in their projects. Everything my husband talks about, somehow in my eyes, can be related to how children are treated. I read pages and pages of articles I have printed off of the site to him. I just think it is so central to life and it's true meaning. I want to share what I have learned with anyone who will listen.

Take Care,

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