1. Elana P. Cohen: Enhancing the Mental Health of Young Children -- How educators can respond to children who have been affected by community violence
  2. Erich Fromm: Forward to A. S. Neill's Summerhill
  3. Paul M. Fleiss, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P.: Mistaken Approaches to Night Waking
  4. Mitch Hall, M.A.: The Plague of Violence: A preventable epidemic
  5. Jordan Riak: Youth Rehab or Killer Camps?
  6. Study: Do not spank, Researchers link it directly to antisocial behavior in kids
  7. Kevin Baldeosingh: Sparing The Rod
  8. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly opposes striking a child
  9. Thomas Gordon: What Every Parent Should Know
  10. __________: The Case Against Disciplining Children at Home or in School
  11. __________: How Children Really React to Control
  12. Arthur Cherry, M.D., FAAP: It's time to change 'the American way of discipline'
  13. Children are Unbeatable! Alliance: Why do we need full legal reform to end all corporal punishment?
  14. SHRC: Physical Punishment of Children -- Statement by the Scottish Human Rights Centre, 2001
  15. Myriam Miedzian: Time to teach the fourth "R"
  16. Debra Stang, LCSW: Eight Dangerous Myths About Spanking
  17. Nadine Block: Lowest achieving Ohio schools quickest with the paddle
  18. Laurie A. Couture: Using the Bathroom Is Your Right, Not a Privilege!
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  30. __________: Take action when kids are at risk
  31. __________: Letter to The New York Times about Baumrind's flawed study
  32. Gene May Show Why Abused Boys Turn Violent
  33. NO SPANKING ZONE (Poster)
  35. Jordan Riak: "Old Woman in a Shoe" (Child-safe rhyme) This Adobe PDF file looks great printed on Astroparch Aged Vellum Finish by Wausau Papers. A laminated print is included in our gift packet.
  36. __________: Abuse in Schools is Out! (Informational sheet for parents of schoolchildren)
  37. __________: Ask Ten Spankers
  38. __________: Twenty Good Reasons to Stop a Bad Practice & Veinte razones suficientes para abandonar una practica nociva (Checklist of destructive effects of corporal punishment)
  39. __________: Letter to a supporter of boot camps and wilderness programs
  40. __________: "Toxic Schools of Texas" (Booklet)
  41. __________: "Hablemos francamente sobre el castigo físico en los niños" (Booklet)
  42. __________: An Alternative to Spanking? (Informational sheet for recovering spankers)
  43. _________: Spankers need gentle handling
  44. Jonathan J. Donahue: Spanking as sexualized abuse
  45. Neither Punishment nor Rewards--Message from a Montessori school director
  46. Corporal Punishment Exemption Form
  47. Rob Waters: Corporal Punishment and Trauma
  48. Melanie Killen: Effects of spanking--A brief summary
  49. Murray A. Straus, Ph.D.: Demystifying the Defenses of Corporal Punishment, Source: Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire Durham, NH 03824. [This is a PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for viewing.]
  50. Dear Abby: Set Grandma straight
  51. Alison apRoberts: Hitting close to home: The anti-spanking movement wants parents to try a hands-off approach
  52. David Bakan: Slaughter of the Innocents
  53. Albert Bandura: Institutionally Sanctioned Violence
  54. Steve Berman, M.D., President, American Academy of Pediatrics: Response to The New York Times Editorial, "Breaking the Hickory Stick"
  55. John Bradshaw: Spanking
  56. Jane Stillwater: Why Do Violent Cartoons Make Children Feel Safe?
  57. Pat Briody: Notes From Another Planet
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  60. Susan Bitensky: Final straw: To spank or not to spank?
  61. __________: Italy Outlaws Spanking
  62. Alan DeWitt Button: Metaphors of Blood
  63. __________: Good Science, Good Kids
  64. __________: Some Antecedents of Felonious and Delinquent Behavior
  65. Tanya Coyle Cassingham: "Spanking, Littleton, and Willows
  66. Randy Cox: Response to a Spanker
  67. Lloyd DeMause: The History of Child Abuse
  68. __________: The link between anti-Semitism and childrearing
  69. Jim Duffy & Robert Scharf: Hitting People Isn't Right
  70. Carol Duncan: They Beat Children, Don't they?
  71. Robert Fathman: Would You Hit Grandma?
  72. Susan Forward: Redefining Love
  73. Lisa Gray: The Boom Boom Method
  74. Robin Grille: Natural Born Bullies
  75. Daniel Gursky: Spare The Child
  76. Agustin Gurza: Spanking: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone
  77. Robert W. Hagebak: Disciplinary Practices in Dallas Contrasted with School Systems with Rules Against Violence Against Children
  78. Diana Hembree: The Tragic Side of Classroom Punishment
  79. __________: Breaking the Hick'ry Stick
  80. Nat Hentoff: Does Eric Sevareid's Kid Get Hit at School?
  81. Jeannine Ouellette Howitz: Spanking--Modern Parents' Dirty Little Secret
  82. Jan Hunt: It Shouldn't Hurt To Be A Child
  83. __________: Child Abuse is Everybody's Business
  84. __________: I was Spanked and I'm Fine!
  85. Tom Johnson: The Fallacies of Pro-Spanking Science: a Point-by-Point Rebuttal to the Apologetics of Two Pediatricians
  86. Bart Kaplan: The Historical Development of Love Between Parents and Children
  87. Bob Keeshan: The Time Is Now--How much longer will our nation wait before joining nearly every other developed nation in banning corporal punishment in schools?
  88. __________: Try Something That Works
  89. Ellen Key: Excerpts from The Education of the Child (1909)
  90. James Kimmel: Why Do We Hurt Our Children?
  91. Penelope Leach: Spanking: a shortcut to nowhere
  92. Astrid Lindgren: Never Violence
  93. E.R. Lyons: Zero Tolerance for Violence Towards Children
  94. Attorneys for the Rights of the Child: Swedish Parliament Scrutinizes Male Circumcision as a Violation of Human Rights
  95. __________: United Nations Criticized for Sex Discrimination Against Males
  96. Michael J. Marshall, Ph.D.: A Word About Healthy Discipline
  97. Adah Maurer: A General Theory of Motivation
  98. __________: All in the Name of the Last Resort
  99. __________: Corporal Punishment
  100. Alice Miller: letters, articles--14 files
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  104. __________: Too many parents still hitting on the wrong idea--No U.S. law forbids corporal punishment of citizens under 18
  105. Eric Perlin: In Search of the Famous Fine Line
  106. Alvin Pousaint: Spanking Strikes Out
  107. __________: Then How Do I Discipline?
  108. Jordan Riak: letters, articles, etc.--34 files
  109. Jane and James Ritchie: But It Never Did Me Any Harm
  110. Margret Schaefer and Raymond Barglow: Spare the Rod. . . and Spare the Sarcasm
  111. Robert Scharf: The Tide is Turning
  112. __________: The Psychopath Next Door: The Prevalence and Function of Psychopathic and Dissociative Tendencies
  113. __________: Control and the Innocence of the Child
  114. __________: Response to a Proponent of Spanking
  115. David A. Splitt: The abuse of common sense
  116. Adrew Vachss: Today's Victim Could Be Tomorrow's Predator
  117. John Valusek: People are Not for Hitting and Children are People Too
  118. Ralph S. Welsh: The Belt, Adrenalin and Delinquency
  119. __________: The Beaten May Become Beaters
  120. Model Child-Protection Legislation
  121. A Corporal Punishment Bibliography


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