Drama teacher who spanked would-be actresses jailed
Ananova UK,
March 1, 2002

A drama teacher who caned, spanked and whipped would-be actresses while "directing" bogus film auditions has been jailed for a year.

Stephen Andrew Hunt used the scripts of fictional television dramas as a "licence to grope and abuse" three women, Birmingham Crown Court heard.

He had placed an advert for recruits in the actors' newspaper The Stage, the court was told.

Hunt, of Selly Oak, Birmingham, had admitted six counts of indecent assault at the earlier hearing, but has been battling to have pleas revoked.

Judge Derek Stanley said Hunt, 44, had exhibited a warped, deep-seated lust during the offences, which had left the women, all in their early 20s, feeling humiliated and defiled.

The acting hopefuls had believed they were taking part in a perfectly legitimate auditioning process after the balding teacher explained that the "dramas" contained scenes of sexual violence towards women.

Michael Burrows, prosecuting, told the court last March that the offences - which Hunt filmed - had involved whipping and caning.

Hunt had lured the women to the "auditions" in Birmingham after advertising for actresses to fill parts in the phoney productions, Mr Burrows said. The defendant always played the part of male characters, ordering the victims to dress in black tights, leotards, high heels and short skirts, the court heard.

One victim was whipped 20 times on the buttocks and was later told that Channel 4 had shown an interest in the production. The judge also ordered Hunt to complete a three-year sex offender treatment programme.

Patricia Lees, defending, said Hunt had lost his job at a special school, where he was also a governor, as a result of the convictions. He had a "real interest" in the arts and was aware his actions had constituted a breach of trust, Miss Lees added.

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