Student Alleges Abuse
Kara Lee, CBS 7 News, May 14, 2008

ECISD allows for corporal punishment to be administered. It also provides that the parent/guardian may request exemption. Should you wish that your child not be paddled, please bring this form to the school, to be signed in the presence of a school official. If you select for your child not to have corporal punishment (be paddled), than an alternate punishment will result, i.e., in-school suspension, detention and/or suspension from school.

SOURCE: ECISD Regulations, 2008

Odessa,TX.-"I couldn't breathe and I started crying and started foaming and I was turning purple."

13 year old Savon Beane says he thought he was going to die.

"The child was running around, acting crazy, being loud and very unruly on the second floor and the assistant principal asked him several times to settle down, get on to class; the child refused."

Thats when Crockett Junior High Asst. Principal grabbed Savon.

"Mr. Guzman said he did choke him, he said he did and yes he was slobbering at the mouth."

But ECISD Officials deny endangering Savon's life.

"Our police officer on campus did not believe the child was choked."

This isn't Savon's first run in with administrators, DD Sandate, Savon's mother, says Savon is a target.

"They send him home for not having a pencil, they send him home because they think he is going to get in a fight, they send him home because they thought he had a cell phone, he doesn't even own a cell phone."

ECISD Public information officer, Mike Adkins, says unless the students is bringing unwanted attention to himself, teachers are there to help students, not hurt them.

"If thats the point it comes to we'll take the means necessary to settle the student down for his safety and the safety of everyone involved."

The three students involved were suspended. Two of the boys were charged with disruptive activites.

On May 16th PTAVE mailed hard copy of the below-listed items to the Crockett Junior High School principal, two assistant principals, the school nurse, the ECISD superintendent, 7 board members and Mike Adkins:

Any responses will be appended here upon receipt.

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