Crockett students released
Odessa American, May 15, 2008

Two Crockett Junior High eighth-grade boys have been released from the Ector County Youth Center after being detained Wednesday on Class B misdemeanor charges of disruptive activities, an ECISD official said Thursday.

ECISD Communications Director Mike Adkins said one of eighth-graders ran Wednesday through the second floor of Crockett as assistant principal Oscar Guzman tried to stop him.

"He ran into the assistant principal more than once while running around on the second floor," Adkins said.

Eventually, Guzman restrained the student.

In the process of restraining that student, Adkins said, the other eighth-grader "attempted to leave a classroom and gang up on Mr. Guzman" and a teacher restrained the boy.

An ECISD officer responded and detained the two boys. Each was taken to the Ector County Youth Center and charged with a Class B misdemeanor.

The officer assigned to Crockett investigated the incident and found that Guzman properly restrained the first student, Adkins said.

Selected readers' comments:

lozano13cl wrote:
We went to everyone for help!! Everyone is going to have an opinion on this. We understand. But, we also need the public to know that we tried doing it the right way and ECISD thought it was a joke and did not take us seriously. They want to say these are kids with problems, troubled with parents who do not care. That is not the fact! If they cause problems at Crockett, if they talk back, are rude and do not follow directions, does that give the Assistant Principal the right to choke them? No!!!! Savon was not involved in a fight, they were playing tag. Before you make a comment ask yourself "what if it was my child"? Would you be hurt and angry? What if your child was a target? Would you do what we Crockett parents are doing? I'm not here to force my opinion down your throat. All we want is JUSTICE. Our kids are being abused. And regarless of the negative opinions we get, WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN UNTIL WE EXPOSE THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN AT CROCKETT JR. HIGH!!! 5/16/2008 3:45:20 PM

opinionated2008 wrote:
Shame On Us!

How many of us would give a moments consideration to leaving the keys to our home with a complete stranger, freely giving them and empowering them with access to our personal lives and our most valuable possessions without question or accountability and with an immunity to the law?

Not anyone that I know and I am sure few if any of you know a single person that would act with such irresponsibility and yet, as parents this is exactly what we do with our children each school day! And our children are worth so much more than our most valuable possessions!

As responsible adults we should be ashamed of ourselves at the amount of authority and empowerment we have given to our schools! And do not think for a single moment that we have not handed them a tremendous amount of authority without accountability and with a tremendous degree of immunity to the law that any other individual would be held to!

The man at the center of the TYC scandal worked for ECISD at Bonham Junior High. I am outraged to think how many students he may have paddled or witnessed being paddled for pure sexual gratification!

Another man worked for ECISD at Bonham and Crockett Junior High. During the 2005 - 2006 school year he fired a gun inside his office at Crockett and then attempted to blame it on fireworks. How many students have been abused by a man of such upstanding character during his many years as principal?

Several years ago the assitant principal at the Career Center was arrested for sexual misconduct with a male student.

Do these men have the character and morals that you'd wish for them to discipline your own children in any manner, let alone to paddle and physically harm them? Shouldn't there be a law preventing people of any character or position from abusing your child, or anyone's children?

According to data available from the Office of Civil Rights, Department of Education there were over 57,000 children in the state of Texas, legally beaten in public schools during the 2002 - 2003 school year. That is a lot of children to be beaten and I question why educator's have an immunity to the law that any other individual would be held to.

ECISD used corporal punishment over 900 times in the 2002 - 2003 school year!

To put this in perspective, this distric hit more children than were hit in the entire states of Arizona, Colorado, Idoaho, Kansas, Ohio and Wyoming. When you consider these six states plus the other 29 states where corporal punishment is prohibited by law, ECISD hit more children than in 35 total states! (Statistics from the Office of Civil Rights)


I question why it states on the Texas Attorney General's website that it would be considered abusive for a parent to strike their child with a board, yet this is exactly what our educator's are legally beating our children with.

I want to know why it states on the Texas Attorney General's website that a blow leaving a bruise, welt, swelling or requiring medical attention, would probably be judged abusive - but when an educator causes a child to bruise, welt, swell and many times even need medical attention for bleeding it is viewed as discipline and in a child's best interest.

As parents and members of this community we can serve our children far better by making certain our educator's are not held above the law, we must take a firm stance and insist it become illegal for our educator's to strike our children, for any reason! Failure to do so would be acting irresponsibly, and many of the 57,000 students beaten in our state were abused for being children, with a childish mentality and acting 'irresponsibly'. Is it possible, you're willing to bend over and allow an appointed representative to strike you with a board three to five times for your irresponsible actions? If it is good enough for our children and works with such great effectiveness, then surely it is good enough for the 'responsible adults' in our community?

I somehow doubt you're willing to bend over and be paddled and I think everyone knows the reason why!

Abuse in any setting or circumstance should be illegal, regardless of the person's position or relationship with the child.

I highly encourage any parent that has a child that has ever experienced any type of abuse in a school setting to contact Jordan Riak (Founder and Executive Director of Parents and Teacher's Against Violence in Education) at or Telephone: 925-831-1661 or by US mail: PTAVE PO Box 1033 Alamo, CA 94507-7033 (contact information used with permission)
5/15/2008 9:42:49 PM

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